Sammic Headquarters – País Vasco, Spain


One morning Sammic invited Susy and I for a visit to Sammic Headquarters to check out their products and how they are produced. Located in the green rolling hills, it was a nice and scenic drive to Sammic, despite the downpour of the non-stop Basque winter rain. We were greeted warmly by the people at Sammic and started our tour after a few introductions.


This is the filming room that Sammic uses for Basque Stage. Susy and I were informed that we had to film product demonstrations utilizing Sammic’s products in the kitchen. The room was stocked with a fryer, circulator, vacuum pack machine, a food processor, stand mixer, just to name a few things. We had access to all of Sammic’s kitchen equipment for our videos to play with, so this was very exciting.


Liquid hot aluminum, Mr. Bond

Next we were lead to the part of the factory where they would mold the equipment with liquid hot aluminum. The factory in general was very streamlined, clean, organized, and very high tech (they had Japanese machines that made parts used in F1 cars, so these machines were top of the line for kitchen equipment, pretty sweet).


Looks like a scene from Saw, eh?

Next the freshly casted aluminum Sammic parts are polished in this chamber, where they are put into a huge bin of vibrating metal balls to polish, shine, and buff the aluminum parts to give them a very nice high end sheen.


I wonder if I put my knives in there if they will be magically buffed like new?


Next to the aluminum forging area was the special parts section where the very detail oriented pieces of Sammic kitchen equipment is produced.


We were then brought upstairs, where the assembly line of Sammic products was located. The whole assembly floor was massive, with tons of machines, grapples, pulleys, and kitchen equipment parts splayed out everywhere with workers busily putting everything together. This floor also included a really cool robotic arm that retrieves special parts from thousands of special box bins that is over two stories tall. A test room was also on this floor  that tested Sammic equipment durability and troubleshooting.


Finally we ended up in the show room with all the finished kitchen equipment that Sammic offers. They had almost anything you would need: potato peelers, vacuum packers, dish washers, salad spinners, panini grills, plancha, meat grinder, juicers, mixers, food processors, washers, expresso machines, meat slicers, immersion circulators, water ovens, and many more.

Thanks for the tour Sammic, see you next time in our filmings ahead!

~ by Clifton Su on February 14, 2013.

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