Asador Telesforo – Zarautz – País Vasco, Spain

Filet Foie
Coming from Getaria, we hit up a pintxos bar (had filet & foie) before heading to Asador Telesforo. Asador Telesforo is located just a 2 minute walk away from the beach and served very fresh seafood and meat.
Telesforo Erretegia
Marti unfortunately couldn’t join Susy and I for lunch, but she suggested that we definitely try the calamar that they had here. We went ahead and decided to also order some shrimp, oyster mushrooms, a bottle of txakoli and fried milk curds.
Shrimp ala Plancha
Very fresh shell on shrimp just simply seared and seasoned with sea salt and lemon juice. Sucking the heads was the best part here!
Seared Oyster Mushrooms
Seared very hard and dressed with olive oil and chunky sea salt. You have to get your oil almost smoking to get such a hard sear on oysters (high water content), but I think the oil got too hot and got scorched, there was a overwhelming burnt oil flavor to some of the mushrooms. All in all though, pretty tasty, just knit picking.
Calamar ala Plancha with Sherry Onions
Marti was right, they have really good calamar, in fact I think these are the BEST calamar I’ve had in Basque country. The sweet sherry onions gave the incredibly fresh and perfectly cooked squid a good amount of acid and sweetness to match with the sweet fatty flesh of the calamar. I love the Basque idea of using vinegars instead of lemon juice on their seafood (unlike the more common approach of just using lemon or fresh citrus). A drizzling of parsley olive oil and a generous sprinkle of sea salt made this dish the best dish of the day. Would gladly come back to Telesforo just to have the calamar.
A light, fruity, sparkling white wine that pairs beautifully with seafood. It is produced locally here and is the king grape of the Basque region coastline (due to the colder windier climate). The txakoli grape produces a wine that is minerally, pear tones, green apple, grass, oceanic wind, and it finishes clean and light with enough acid to hold against fatty fish like halibut.
Fried Milk Curds
Fried Milk Curds with Leche and Cinnamon Sugar
These were really fucking good. Creamy fresh milk curds were fried crispy on the outside and molten hot melting on the inside. They were drizzled with good fresh heavy cream and covered with cinnamon sugar. Awesome.
After this huge lunch, we decided to stroll down the beach and coastline to walk off the lunch and enjoy the rare sunshine illuminating the beautiful Zarautz coastline. Here are some pics from the coast. Unfortunately the sun was setting by the time we tried to walk further up the coast and some policemen told us to go back. The waves however were coming in shore like crazy and splashing the walkway as the wind picked up.
It was a beautiful day spent in Getaria and Zarautz. It definitely was a highlight of the BasqueStage so far and look forward to the adventures that will come!
Asador Telesforo
Plaza Donibane, 6, 20800
Zarautz, País Vasco, Spain
(943) 83 09 01

~ by Clifton Su on February 14, 2013.

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