Anchoas Maisor – Getaria – País Vasco, Spain


Marti took Susy and I to the picturesque sea side village of Getaria today to sample some of the best anchovies the Basque Country has to offer, super stoked! It was kind of a cloudy ominous morning, threatening to rain any minute when we were wandering around lost in Donostia looking for Marty (sorry!). After a long scenic drive through the lush green hill sides of the Basque country side (saw some black iberico pigs in the forest!), we ended up at the gorgeous sea  side town of Getaria.


The sun was starting to clear up after we exited the bus, perhaps it might be sunny soon?? Haven’t seen sun for a couple of weeks now… it rains so much here!


After a nice scenic walk to the fishing port, the clouds went away and revealed glorious sunlight. The sun lit up the ocean so it became a vibrant vivid blue, all the fishing boats colors popped, and everything seemed so picturesque and perfect.


Anchoas Maisor is in a little shop tucked right on the other side of these boats. Harbor side, Maisor gets the freshest and highest quality anchovies right of the pier for the best anchoas and boquerones.


Upon arriving, we met the friendly owner and he proceeded to explain to us the process of making their prized anchovy products. Needless to say, the process is very simple and archaic, I love how that such a simple technique paired with time can produce such a different and tasty product. It definitely got my gears churning to try this same curing process with different other oily fishes you find off the California coast.


Maisor also offered many other high quality sea food products, dry goods, pickles, canned goods, spices, and oils.



Extremely tender, bone free, fresh vinegar bite, nicely salted, and a fresh oceanic fish taste.


Anchoas – Salted & Aged Anchovies

Salty, deep umami flavor, deep briny taste, pleasantly oily, and a long savory finish.


Mackerel (Local) 

Done in the same curing technique as the boquerones; meaty, rich, fresh vinegar bight, no bones, good salt, light and delicate flesh.

These were honestly the best anchovies I have ever tasted; so delicate, full of flavor, and fresh. We gladly stockpiled some anchovies to take home… need to make another trip soon because I destroyed my stash already. Thanks for the tour Marti and Anchoas Maisor!


The view from outside Anchoas Maisor. The epic mountain in the back is named “Rat Mountain.”


After visiting Anchoas Maisor, we looked around the streets of Getaria for a bit.


The grills commonly used in Basque Country, used to grill fresh fish from the daily catch of the fisherman just outside the door.


Speaking of grills and fresh sea food, Elkano apparently has the best seafood in all of Basque Country. Definitely need to pay a visit to this place soon!


Exiting Getaria, waiting for our bus to go get pintxos and lunch at Zarautz, known for it’s Txokolina sparkling white wine. How fitting, amazing fresh seafood at the harbor perfectly paired with sparkling white wine in the hills.

~ by Clifton Su on February 14, 2013.

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