Sidrería Iruin Astiazarán – Zubieta, Gipuzkoa

Upon Susy’s arrival, we went to the local cider house to celebrate. Marti, Nacho, Andoni, and Xavier brought Susy and I to the sidrería approximately 10 minutes from our Lasarte apartment. It was a dark, cold, rainy day and the sidrería was only occupied by a table of elderly men.

Iruin Astiazaran Sagardotegia

Upon arriving through the doors of the sidrería, there was a huge rib roast just resting by the window and also a huge chuleta (cutlet of ribeye) roasting beautifully over the open flame.


We sat down on long wooden tables which were already set up with cider braised chorizo and baskets of warm crusty bread. We were informed that anyone yelling “TXOTX!”meant that everyone got up and refilled our glasses at the giant cider barrels.

Cider Barrels

These gigantic vats of cider are produced from the local apple harvest. Each barrel holds a different varietal of the cider. The entire cider house had a musky, yeasty, and apple like smell to it. You approach the barrels and open a valve located at the front of the barrel. Open up the valve and a stream of golden apple cider streams out and you have to catch it with your glass. I was told that you are only supposed to catch enough to drink in one shot, which for me was half a glass 😉

Catching Cider

After getting our first round of cider, the waiter brought over the 2nd part of our meal; bacalao three ways.


Soft Scrambled Eggs w/ Bacalao

Just eggs simply soft scrambled with bacalao and finished with a generous pour of fruity olive oil. Slather it on your bread and you got a delicious yet simple dish.


Fried Bacalao w/ Fried Pimenton Verde

Lightly fried bacalao with blistered and fried pimenton verde. Kinda greasy, simple, and good eating.

Bacalao Tomato Stew

Bacalao Tomato Stew

This was my favorite dish out of all the bacalao dishes (the omelette being a close second). The acid in the tomato cuts nicely through the fattiness of the bacalao, and it was a great dish for dipping your bread.


Chuleta – Ribeye 60+ oz

Next came the mighty chuleta. The beef was slightly chewy from all the free ranging the cow has done and tastes minerally from all the grass it’s been eating. Grilled almost to black & blue, it was amazing. I ate this until I could stomach no more, the cider definitely helped the amount of meat go down smoothly.

Andoni Cutting Chuleta

Andoni portioning the mighty chuleta.


Cow’s Milk Cheese, Quince, and Walnuts

Our dessert course. It was very simple excellent cheese with sweet quince paste. The walnuts were a messy but delicious affair.


Txotx! See you next time!

~ by Clifton Su on February 4, 2013.

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