TPT Bakery – Beasain, País Vasco

TPT Store Front

Shortly after arriving in Basque Country, my first job was to work at TPT; a bakery and coffee shop.

Tolosa Train Station

TPT Bakery was founded by a partnership between Chef Roberto and Alazne after working together at Restaurante Fronton for 10 years. TPT is located in the small town of Beasain, just a few train stops away from Tolosa.

TPT Front

The bakery itself is small and cozy; everyone always drops in here for some coffee and maybe some breakfast before heading off to their daily routines. Perhaps this is why everyone in town seems to know Alazne.

Deck Oven

TPT Back

The kitchen of TPT is probably the smallest I’ve ever been in (I’ll probably have a rude awakening at Solana 4, since their “kitchen” literally consists of one induction burner and salamander). The kitchen at TPT sports a double layer deck oven, 3 lowboys, a freezer, proof  box, and a 4x induction stove top.

Maza Madre

One of my first jobs was to make a maza madre a.k.a. mother dough. Simply just mix together local rye flour with water and let the wild yeast beasties in the air do their work. After a week or so, you end up with an sour and sweet smelling yeasty maza madre.


We also bake fresh croissants every morning. From my start date to end date, I’ve had a fresh croissant and cappuccino every single morning I worked at TPT. Bad news for my gut, but it’s hard to resist a freshly baked, super crispy, butter laden croissant in the morning.

Bizcocho de Naranja

We also made Bizcocho de Naranja as daily M.E.P. It’s incredibly simple to make; just throw your ingredients into a thermomix, puree, and bake. It has a sweet fragrance of orange and a very bright orange hue. It’s extremely moist, soft, and not too sweet.

Financiers de Avellana

Apparently I make a pretty good Financier de Avellana. The trick I think is to let the dough rest overnight and to also brown the butter deeply and evenly. They are mighty tasty, but quite messy to make (I hate putting the ultra sticky and thick batter through the cloth pastry bag).

Fresh Baguettes

Fresh baked baguettes are a daily M.E.P. too, I love how they crackle and pop when you take them fresh out of the oven.

Roasted Reineta

Roasted Reineta Apples were also on the menu; they were a favored snack by Basque people. The apple itself is rusty colored, crispy, acidic, and very sweet.

Roast Apples

We roast the manzanas with a bit of butter and cane sugar. I like how they puff up in the oven and squish down when you start to cool them. I like these roasted reineta apples served piping hot with some vanilla ice cream.

Crossaint Donut Bread Pudding

All the pastries and croissants that we don’t sell at the day makes its way into the bread pudding basket. Here I have experimented with many flavors ranging from Mocha with Kahlua (apparently Basque people are not as fond of booze in their cakes than us ‘mericans), vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and chocolate.

Hogaza de Patata

My final test by Alazne to “graduate” from TPT to Solana is making a Hogaza de Patata (potato bread) from scratch. After a first botched batch, I eventually got the dough consistency down and how to knead probably. Pretty soon I was cranking out bread without a sweat from hand (we don’t even have a stand mixer at TPT).

Alazne TPT Front


Special thanks to Alazne, Maria, Mari Carmen, and Contxi for making my experience at TPT a lasting and memorable one! I finally feel comfortable around the baking side of things in the kitchen. Sorry you had to deal with my broken Spanish 🙂

~ by Clifton Su on January 26, 2013.

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