Reinstoff – Berlin

After my stint at Momofuku Ssam Bar, I decided to take a little personal culinary vacation to Berlin with my roommate in Manhattan! She was very kind and hospitable to give me a couch to crash on for a couple weeks. On the final day before leaving for Berlin, I told her I wanted to at least make it out to one Michelin starred restaurant while I’m in Berlin.

After some brief research, I came across Reinstoff. Reinstoff sported 2 stars and was rated one of the best restaurants in Berlin. This I had to check out!

*The lighting was quite terrible for my camera phone at Reinstoff, so the lighting is a bit weird in the photos (some I touched up, some I didnt). The main Reinstoff website has pics on their website if you want to see them all in their professionally shot glory*


Marinated Potatoes, Veal Bone Marrow, Perigord Truffle

This literally was the best dish of the night. All the different knife cuts and treatments of the potato (confit, fried, shaved, marinated) made the dish texturally fantastic. I love dishes that use one ingredient and make a ton of other components from the same ingredient. One thing to take away after visiting Germany was that they can cook up some mean potatoes, this dish being the most modernized and elegant. The veal bone marrow was soft, buttery, and unctuous and gave the potatoes some more creaminess. The truffles were the final kicker of the dish; they complement perfectly with all the earthy potatoes and marrow. This dish was decadent, rich, over the top, and will forever be remembered.

Lemon Sole, Corn, Indian Curry

One of the best fish dishes I’ve eaten in memory. The sole was perfectly cooked; it was incredibly sweet and meltingly tender. The corn was creamy and provided the dish an amazingly velvety sweet corn flavor. The Indian spinach was heavily spiced with curry and gave an amazing aroma and spice to the dish.

Hazel Core

This was probably one of the most modern and innovative desserts I came across. First of all, the visuals on this dish are striking, especially with the use of silver leaf. The silver little package actually explodes and melts in your mouth, the taste was reminiscent of nutella! Solid one bite dessert.

~ by Clifton Su on October 27, 2012.

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