Seafood Paradise – Local Seafood Purveyor

Whenever my family went out for seafood, we always went to these elaborate (and often times overdone) Chinese restaurants that hold their seafood live in feeding tanks. Being Chinese, seafood is considered at it’s peak freshness when dispatched right before cooking. Often times waiters would bring fish still flopping and gasping or dangle king crabs to our table to see if we approved of the size and specimen. Often times though, most of the live seafood seem weak and emaciated, not exactly good eating qualities.

Luckily, I found a local fish purveyor around my house and decided to pay a visit. I heard tales of the place having very lively and fresh seafood, exotic live seafood, and that it also looked like an aquarium. Right when I walked in through the front doors I felt like I was in the Huntington Bay Aquarium! There were schools of fish swimming in round glass tanks, giant king crabs crawling amongst fat lobster, and much more. They sold everything imaginable; live frogs, live razor clams, glistening ruby red sweet shrimps, shrimps so fresh they thrash and jump out of the tank occasionally, abalone, live turtles, huge cod, Vietnamese forest fish, giant crystal australian crab (this thing was HUGE, approximately the length of a small boy), geoduck, and a variety of still kicking freshwater fish. When you have seafood this fresh and lively, it’s hard not want to buy everything in sight.

I was like a fat kid in a candy store; this was my seafood paradise.

~ by Clifton Su on October 23, 2012.

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