Senor Fish Scallop Burrito

Sorry I have been MIA recently, I’ve been running around between staffing SPOP, hang outs, parties, work, school, the whole shabang. It’s been one busy busy busy month for me, so I haven’t had time to blog about the things I’ve ate. There will be massive updates when I get more time though and I have been documenting everything so don’t worry!

3 lbs of Epicness

3 lbs of Epicness

So while I was in South Pasadena running errands I decided to go to Senor Fish to pick up a scallop burrito. The scallop burrito there is AMAZING and was one of my favorite things to eat in my child hood, it’s stuffed full of perfectly fried and tender scallops, crispy pieces of batter, pico de gallo, rice, beans, and an amazing slaw that is lightly mixed with a ensenada fish taco-style sauce.

The burrito is full of tender fried scallops, pico de gallo, rice and beans, and an amazing slaw to round out the whole thing :)

The burrito is full of tender fried scallops, pico de gallo, rice and beans, and an amazing slaw to round out the whole thing 🙂

When I got the burrito, it was just as big as I remembered it. It was REALLY big and it did a huge number to my hunger, I even had trouble finishing it. The burrito itself was about 3 lbs by itself. The scallops inside the burrito were perfectly fried and tender, they were great quality scallops and aren’t those ones you frequently get when it’s pumped full of that white sodium stuff that helps plump them up. The rice and beans complimented the scallops and were flavorful all on their own. The slaw was amazing, it tied everything together since it was composed of a creamy pico de gallo sauce, it complimented the scallops well with it’s creaminess and also had a bit of acidity from the pico de gallo salsa so it didn’t make the burrito seem too heavy and rich. Oh and did I mention that the tortilla used to wrap the burrito was amazingly fresh and homemade tasting, it had flavor on it’s own and had an amazing chewiness to it. Most people overlook the tortilla when eating burritos but this tortilla truly standed out!

All and all, an amazing burrito, and if you happen to pass by any Senor Fish please please try the scallop burrito, it’s life changing.

Senor Fish

618 Mission St
South Pasadena, CA 91030

(626) 403-0145

~ by Clifton Su on August 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Senor Fish Scallop Burrito”

  1. welcoem back.

    daym, 3 lb? pretty ridiculous. i’ve never had a scallop burrito (or taco) before, but it looks pretty damn good!

  2. clifton, i’m hungry =[

  3. Thanks Sawyer! It wasn’t really 3 lbs… I should change it, it’s more like 2 lbs! This thing was massive, it was almost the length of my forearm haha, all for 6.95!!

    You should get your hands on it when you’re in the LA area, it’s really really really good and affordable 🙂

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