Oven Broiling Fail – Kalbi Flavored Jerky

Ah this is first time I’m going to actually post about something I FAILED at miserably: trying to broil kalbi in the oven since the grill outside was broken.

First off I marinated the kalbi in some store bought Kalbi Marinade from 99 Ranch, they had the marinade on sale with the meat! I think I bought 7 lbs of spareribs that day…

Preparing to broil the kalbi

Preparing to broil the kalbi

Anyways after marinated the ribs in the marinade for about 2 days (was too busy to cook them). I decided to broil them in the oven instead of doing them in the fry pan because

1. Kalbi makes a burnt mess on any surface due to the sugar in the marinade

2. I’m too lazy to clean and I don’t want to smell like kalbi.

I first cranked up the crappy oven in my school apartment to 500 degrees and proceeded to line the broil pan with aluminum foil since I didn’t want all the juices to be burnt on the pan itself (thus causing me to scrub the pan in the sink for god knows how long).

Kalbi in the broiler.

Kalbi in the broiler.

I’ve always remembered how I hated using the broiler, It never ever really works for me for some reason. I know some people swear by it, but the only SUCCESSFUL thing I can cook with the broiler is fish. I find that the broiler doesn’t have the firepower and mojo to create that crispy golden brown crust on things that need searing (such as steak). I left the kalbi in the broiler for quite awhile but it never got to that desired crispy crust effect which usually best resulted from grills. The fat just burned and char-coaled while I saw all the luscious fat just melt away from the meat…

I think I dropped the loudest F-Bomb of my life when I dropped the pan haha!

I think I dropped the loudest F-Bomb of my life when I dropped the pan haha!

In the chaos of me trying to take out the kalbi without being burned by the broiler, I freaked out momentarily and dropped the ENTIRE pan on the floor, but thankfully it landed on the floor without spilling any of the goods (well maybe one touched the ground, but I nuked it again for a few seconds in the broiler to kill any potential nasties.

Kinda looks like something is growing on that lettuce leaf...

Kinda looks like something is growing on that lettuce leaf…

I cut up some red leaf lettuce I got from 99 Ranch also to wrap the kalbi to form some lettuce wraps and came accross a leaf that looked like it was alive, it was so rotten that I thought the whole lettuce was gone but it was only that leaf… how odd…

The kalbi wrapper station!

The kalbi wrapper station!

Anyways the kalbi was very tough since all the fat melted out of it, it did NOT have the crispy smokey flavor that I was so accustomed too when cooking it on the grill. Oh and did I mention it was tough as nails?

Take my advice, use the grill, not the broiler!

Take my advice, use the grill, not the broiler!

So BOTTOM LINE: always cook kalbi on a grill, if you cant, then do NOT broil it. Save your kalbi and grill it please, it’ll produce a more smokey and juicy product!

~ by Clifton Su on June 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Oven Broiling Fail – Kalbi Flavored Jerky”

  1. Hey Cliff – We all screw stuff all the time…thanks for sharing. At least you managed to loosen the meat from the pan by dropping it on the floor! ;o)

  2. It’s my special way to “tenderize” it haha!

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