Home Is Where the BOMB Korean BBQ Is At!

and of course the heart ❤

hi all!
cliff kept begging me to post in his food blog, so here i am.

hahahah just kidding!

kind of.

anyway, i wanted to share the wonderfully simple, cheap, and DELICIOUS food i eat at home.

exhibit A:

pork. delish.

pork. delish.

all koreans have portable grill things. or most do anyway.
and the pork! from the korean market. super cheap and much fresher than most korean bbq restaurants.
mouthwatering ain’t it?

exhibit B:



it’s actually really simple and easy to make. just some romaine lettuce, green onions, red pepper flakes, sesame oil, and vinegar!

exhibit C:

sauce for beef brisket

sauce for beef brisket

people tend to eat both the pork and beef with the sesame oil + salt&pepper sauce, but i actually only use that sauce for the pork. for the beef, i use this sauce. it’s just a mixture of water, soy sauce, and vinegar with onions. SO GOOD. it goes so well with the beef!

and finally, exhibit D:


salad, korean bbq, and radish kimchi.
can’t ask for anything better.

you don’t really know korean bbq until you’ve tried it at a korean household.

♥ angel

~ by angelsonnn on June 5, 2009.

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