Massacring Shrimp at the Crawfish House

On Wednesday I had SPOP training (Student Parent Orientation Program) and was way excited not only for the training but for the SPOPticular after… which would be going to Boiling Crab! After Thanh announced this event I was looking forward to after training, all that buttery/garlicky goodness slathered on shrimp… amazing.

Grace and Hannah at Boiling Crab

Grace and Hannah at Boiling Crab

After the training (which I thought was the most “real” thing we’ve done up to this point, everything else has been so peppy) I rode back to my apartment to go grab my car to go pick up some fellow SPOPers to get our shrimp on. We arrived at Boiling Crab, and to my “surprise” the wait for us (around 20) was about 1.5 hours. I don’t get Boiling Crab, it’s always so freaking crowded wherever you go, whether if it’s the crowded one down the street or the one in Alhambra, they are ALL crowded at ALL times. They even opened up a to-go restaurant on the side of the main restaurant; they bring in THAT much business.

Getting ready for the murder of countless shrimps!

Getting ready for the murder of countless shrimps!

We all decided to go to one of the knock-off places to see if they could seat us quicker because tempers and hunger started to rise very soon. We went down the street and j-walked (I stupidly just started to run when I saw some people run, I didn’t even look, which probably brings the age old question of ‘If everyone jumps off a bridge, would you do the same’) to The Crawfish House. I was skeptical about this place but when I saw the menu, it was LITERALLY the same thing as the Boiling Crab, just switch the Boiling Crab text with Crawfish House, even the names of the sauces were the same (like the Whole Sha-bang sauce). The prices were competitively the same also, it’s about $8.99/lb of shrimp and $6.99 for half a dozen oysters. While we waited outside for some tables to open up since the restaurant was rather small we decided to get shrimp and sweet potato fries. Did I mention that the ground outside is covered with oyster shells? I thought that was pretty cool.

Me, Grace, and Kendrick ready to dig in :)

Me, Grace, and Kendrick ready to dig in 🙂

As we finally got seated, the restaurant was dimly lit with many TVs with the game on and had a darker atmosphere compared to the Boiling Crab, it felt like you were in a dingy bar at the fisherman’s wharf, pretty interesting. Once we were seated we had our customary bibs to put on and immediately ordered 1 lb of shrimp per person and two people ordered the king crab. We also ordered two sweet potato fries and were going to order some oysters but we forgot.

Never had sweet potato fries in this shape before... but they are GOOD!

Never had sweet potato fries in this shape before... but they are GOOD!

The sweet potato fries arrived first, they were steaming hot and literally tasted like fried chunks of sweet potato, it was quite satisfying since it had that sweet potato chew to it.

The shrimp....mmmm time for sucking heads!

The shrimp....mmmm time for sucking heads!

The shrimp came very quickly but we waited for the other 2 people to get their crab, which the waiter told us kindly that we shouldn’t wait for the king crab since it took longer to cook. The bag of shrimp looked pretty legit and the shrimps were NOTICEABLLY bigger than the Boiling Crab. The sauce was also a lot more watery and lacked the thick and creamy consistency that the Boiling Crab had and was also not as flavorful. The shrimp was extremely fresh and very plump and juicy; it was very unlike the crappy mushy ones you get at the Alhambra Boiling Crab (I still don’t know why people go to that one, the quality of the food there has gone down the drain). Oh yes, and a warning everyone, since the sauce is really watery the sauce can spray when you tear off the shrimp heads or when you peel them; some shrimp head juice almost sprayed my diesel jeans, someone got squirted in the eye, and the two girls around me had shrimp and sauce in their hair, it also could be that we hungrily rampaged the shrimps! Also, before I forget to mention it, the king crab was a very small portion, you can probably buy bigger ones at the supermarket for cheaper and it would be the same if not better quality. They still looked pretty scrumptious though!

I just massacred 2 lbs of the shrimp population.

I just massacred 2 lbs of the shrimp population.

Overall the experience at the Crawfish House was good, I was had good food and good company, what more do I need? It’s a great alternative to the Boiling Crab if the lines are making your stomach too impatient or if your date is getting violently (you know who you are) hungry and demanding to be fed. My only beef with this place is their sauce; it’s not up to par with the Boiling Crab since it’s watery and kind of bland. The plus side though is the incredibly fresh and large shrimp they serve which I thought was better than the Boiling Crab, so take your pick. Now go give the Crawfish House a try and start tearing off their wee little heads and nom nom noming the shrimp population to extinction!

Ahoy! We be the SPOP crew :)

Ahoy! We be the SPOP crew 🙂

The Crawfish House

0112 Westminster Ave
Garden Grove, CA 92843

(714) 539-3297

~ by Clifton Su on April 30, 2009.

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