Cowboys Have it Good When it Comes to Steaks

Right before my father’s birthday last year my mother suggested that I make a meal for my dad’s birthday so I thought maybe a nice thick juicy steak would get his tastebuds a supercharge so I told my mom to go buy the biggest rib eye steaks she could find. She calls me and says that Pavilions has cowboy rib-eye steaks and was asking if I was sure I wanted such a huge cut of meat. I’ve seen these steaks on T.V. like on Iron Chef Ameria and they seemed big but not totally outrageous so I told my mom to get me two. BIG mistake (pun intended!)

So basically the steaks were about a good 2.5 lbs EACH. THey were as big as the plate I was marinating them on (they were a good 10″ diameter plates). I sprinkled it with some Lawry’s Seasoning and Garlic salt with fresh ground pepper and snapped a few fresh thyme leaves on the steak. I was shooting for the salt to bring out the flavor of the meat since Rib-Eyes are absolutely my favorite steaks in the world, perfect amount of beefiness, sooo amazingly tender but with a good chew, and did I mention it melts in your mouth when you do it right in a fatty luciousness?

This thing is MASSIVE! It's as big as the PLATE.

This thing is MASSIVE! It's as big as the PLATE.

After I marinated the steaks I wanted to use the rangetop 1000 degree infrar red grill (yes my parents bought one of these!) but to my disappointment they didn’t allow me to use it because they claimed it was too hard to clean…my response is always “why the hell would you buy a 2000 dollar grill if you aren’t going to use it?!.” Anyways I tried my hand at broiling the steaks ( I really hate broiling steaks, I feel there isn’t enough heat and all that fat melts and kinda just fries the steak, there’s no optimum browning involved here) and ended up burning the fat parts. I decided to take it slow and just slow roast it at 280 degrees for a few hours and it came out PERFECT. It didn’t have the crispy brown crust but it made up for it for being extremely tender and juicy. You win some you lose some I guess.

Amazingly lucious, feel free to lick the screen ;)

Amazingly lucious, feel free to lick the screen 😉

~ by Clifton Su on April 28, 2009.

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