Bacon Wrapped Whole Roast Chicken

So guys, after watching Tyler Florence make a seemingly easy roast chicken on the Food Network, I decided to take a stab at roasting one too! The real kicker here is the bacon that is going to be wrapped on the chicken breasts.

Here’s a list of ingredients you need:

  • A 5 lb chicken (takes about 2.5 hours to roast)
  • A bunch of thyme
  • Kosher salt/fresh ground pepper
  • Half a lemon quarter/ the other half you juice
  • Olive oil
  • 1 lb of bacon
  • Garlic
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 lb your choice of mushrooms ( I like the standard white button mushroom)

Ok folks here’s what you do first, peel around 6 cloves of garlic, quarter 1 onion, squeeze the lemon for it’s juice, and add all of it into a bowl and mix it together while drizzling olive oil all over it. Season with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Don’t forget to throw about a handful of thyme in there!

Alright, a funny side story, when I first bought a whole chicken (I never had to deal with them) I didn’t know that there were some nasties in the chicken cavity… it honestly freaked me out when I had to pull out it’s internals and also it’s neck. I threw them in a pot for some chicken broth later.  I also had to cut off some feathers Farmer John apparently left on from the factory.

The chicken is ready for a liberal coating of.... BACON!

The chicken is ready for a liberal coating of…. BACON!

Anyways back to the chicken… get all of the ingredients and shove them up the chicken’s arse!! It maybe funny to do… but it’s for the sake of flavor! Now give that chicken a full “cavity exam” haha!

After you have stuffed the chicken, what I did was put it in my 12 inch Cast Iron Skillet and got the pound of bacon out and started to layer the bacon liberally on the breasts. The breasts need to stay soft and moist while cooking so the bacon helps it along to achieve glorious perfection! It also seasons the outside of the chicken with it’s smokey goodness so after you layer on the bacon, rub on some additional olive oil to help with the browning and crack some fresh pepper on it.

What the chicken looked like after I stuffed its' butt with flavor :O!

What the chicken looked like after I stuffed its’ butt with flavor :O!

It kind of looks like a head crab from Half-Life huh?

It kind of looks like a head crab from Half-Life huh?

Set the oven for 400 degrees and it generally is about 30 minutes per pound, every 20 minutes open up and check on the bird and give it some basting! With the sheer size of a 5lb chicken.. I had to apply a second coat of bacon halfway through the cooking process since it was starting to burn. I didn’t complain though, it was soooooo crispy and had melded with the chicken breasts giving the bacon a porky and chicken-y? flavor. At about 45 minutes before finishing, cut up your 1lb of mushrooms and throw into the pan with the chicken and let it cook in all that bacon grease. Confit Mushrooms!

So after 2.5 hours and a bit of snacking on some Ikea Caviar and Creme Fraiche, we finally have our chicken!

Yes... it was AMAZING!!!

Yes… it was AMAZING!!!

It looks soooo amazing… and when I cut into it, it literally squirted out with juice and mixed in with all that bacon grease… it was sinfully delightful.

I paired it with a Cabernet Souvignon from Yellow Tail, it cut down all that grease and had a subtle sweetness which matched well with the salty and smokey chicken!

For about 20 dollars to make… this chicken is well worth it but it takes some time to cook, but your patience will definitely be rewarded!

~ by Clifton Su on April 22, 2009.

9 Responses to “Bacon Wrapped Whole Roast Chicken”

  1. yummyyyyyy 😀

  2. Ooooh yes! I’ve been stressing out all morning about what to do with my thanksgiving chicken and I think I finally found one that looks delicious AND perfect!

    • I think you have to replace the bacon once in awhile since it’ll start to burn if you leave it in the oven too long. The turkey is huge so I’d assume you’d probably have to make a few bacon changes throughout the cooking process. It’s ok though, you’ll be left with crispy bacon that tastes like turkey drippings.. mmmmmmmmm

  3. I’m using a roasting pan, not a cast iron pan, is that going to be an issue? and should i cover with foil for a while to keep the bacon from burning???

  4. You know you can totally avoid having to re-do the bacon wrap by wrapping the whole thing in aluminium foil/kitchen foil/whatever you call it where you are and cooking it in that? Simply take the foil off for the last 20 minutes or so to crisp up the chicken skin and the bacon nicely. 1 time, job done, no hassles. Good luck.

  5. Beats grocery store roasted chicken any day! Yes, this is a bit labor intensive but oh yum!

  6. I just made Jamie Oliver’s version, which includes optional bacon (which I chose to use.) Yum, crazy good!! But, his recipe has you add the bacon to the chicken when you have about 45 minutes to go. Prior to the first part of cooking, rub olive oil all over the chicken to make it crispy and keep it from drying out. I think this shorter cooking time for the bacon is the way to go. You still get all the bacon-y goodness, but you don’t have to replace the bacon, or use foil. (I don’t like using foil when roasting chicken.) The recipe I used is actually for roast chicken with roasted potatoes, and Jamie Oliver suggests crumbling the cooked bacon over the potatoes before serving. (The potatoes get par-boiled with a whole lemon and garlic cloves, tossed around after draining to kind of rough them up, then added to the roasting pan at the same time the bacon is added to the chicken. You remove the chicken, add the potatoes and toss them in the fat which has come out of the chicken, make a gap for the chicken, and return the chicken to the pan, covering with bacon. Cook for another 45 minutes or so. The bacon fat makes the potatoes insanely delicious, too.)

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