A Reward After Finals, Korean BBQ!

So after a sleep inducing 50+ hours with probably 3 hours of sleep in between, I have survived the finals week of Winter Quarter of 2009. Never have I stayed up so late and never have I been so hopelessly lost in a class (Management 30a= Accounting).

Anyways, I bugged my dad after I got home that I was craving a good meal since I ate nothing but corned beef and cabbage for finals and suggested that we go hit my favorite Korean BBQ place in K-Town we found on accident one time because Manna and Tahoe were too crowded (they always are, even though they have mediocre food compared to this place!)

The place I speak of….

Haejangchon Dolgooi Restaurant! (Took me forever to type that!)

I have to say that any restaraunt with a pig smacking its lips is bound to be good!

I have to say that any restaurant with a pig smacking its lips is bound to be good!

As my father and I strolled in, we noticed that there was a different seating arrangement this time around and found that everyone was staring at the TV screen. Turned out it was the World Cup game being played, it was Korea versus Venezuela and Venezuela was having their asses handed to them. Not that I care, I was so hungry I was eyeing the piece of kalbi rather than the TV.

Shortly after we are seated on the newly refurbished patio (I must say it’s rather nice, it’s less stuffy and more ventilation than the cramped main room) and was tucked into a little cozy corner of the patio. We were greeted with the normal set up of  salad, panchan, and various dips ranging from salted sesame oil to hot bean paste.  The thing that stood out from the rest of the Korean BBQ places was that the grill was actually a giant cast iron tablet (it resemebled a slab of stone) that was tilted on a flame. There was a hold at the bottom of the tablet to let all the excess oil drip into a tin container. As hungry as I was, I immediately lunged for the kimchi but was later scolded by the waiteress since the kimchi was supposed to be heated up on the stone tablet grill.

Various wraps and dips for the BBQ meat! Also some panchan are pictured.

Various wraps and dips for the BBQ meat! Also some panchan are pictured.

Surprisingly for a Korean BBQ restaurant the waitress wasn’t a complete bitch, and I say this with all sincerity, some places the waitresses give you the evil eye everytime you want something. She was very nice and was very prompt with the service, another plus for this Korean BBQ joint! She brought us some boiling hot steamed egg, me and my dad devoured this (yes we burned our mouths but hey we’re Chinese we can stand hot food!)

Boiling hot steamed egg!

Boiling hot steamed egg!

The waitress then asked us what kind of meat we wanted and I asked for the brisket and the kalbi. Their kalbi here was actually not too stellar but it was actually huge chunks of rib full of sinew, many people love kalbi but it’s a bit chewy for my taste and also take forever to cook, that means I have to wait longer to eat it! But on the bright side the brisket was absolutely amazing, it resembled fine serrano ham, it was beautifully marbled and thin. It literally melts in your mouth and will induce a foodgasm! I immediately started to NOM NOM NOM on all the brisket slices even before they were fully cooked ( I liked it kind of rare anyways) and my dad protested that I shouldn’t eat rare meat since it’ll give me a bad stomach. I have an iron stomach, I fear not rare beef!

The EPIC brisket... amazing...

The EPIC brisket... amazing...

The meal ended as I slowly developed a food baby and we finished the meal with a order of pork belly and squid. My dad to my surprise at all of the kimchi and kimchi bean sprouts… I guess that’s where my fattiness comes from. At the end of the meal the waitress brought us some miso soup with tofu, it was quite refreshing and cleansed the palllate of all that meaty goodness.

As we were about to leave, i noticed a huge line outside waiting for their cars and realized that the World Cup game was over and that it would probably take 30 minutes for the valet to roll out or Lexus… oh well I’m full (to the point where if I burp I feel the food coming up) and it’ll help me digest a bit walking around outside!


Haejangchon Dolgooi Restaurant

3821 W 6th Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90020

(213) 389-8777

~ by Clifton Su on March 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Reward After Finals, Korean BBQ!”

  1. food looks awesome!!!
    maybe i should go out for korean BBQ tonight 😛

  2. this place is sooo yummy! =]

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